Our Funders

The company acknowledges with gratitude the generous financial support from the following individual donors:

Jane and Edward Wasson


Stacey Temple


David Andrews

Bob Delavalle and Lisa Schilling

Rachel and Dan Kahn-Fogel

Irene and Raymond Friedlob

Janet and Gary Jacobs

Eliza Kuelthau


Kent Beaber and Rya Merschat

Maureen Breeze and Cole Mehlmann

Joan Brown

Virginia and Diane Butler

Cathy and Peter Buirski

Christy Cutler and Bill Walters

Alan Chen and Anne Ertmann

Kereen and Michael Happe

Duane F. Hueneke

Lynn and David Hurst

Hannah Kahn and Arthur Best

Barbara and Darwin Kuhlmann

Jack and Janie North

Becky Peterson

Madison and Shelby Ramey

Deborah Reshotko

Ashley and Eli Wald

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